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See our new products at NoVOS Forum 18-19th Jan

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Our new revolutionizing orthoses will premiere at NoVOS Forum!

Make sure to visit our stand at NoVOS Forum in Stockholm 18th to 19th January. In conjunction with the NoVOS Forum we will present our brand new carpal and tarsal orthoses.


Semesterstängt vecka 31

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Scandi Orthopedic kommer att ha semesterstängt vecka 31 och kan därför inte skicka iväg några produkter den veckan. Det går fortfarande bra att lägga beställningar per mail, men de kommer inte skickas förrän vecka 32.

Uppdaterade priser

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Kära kunder! Vi har uppdaterat våra priser och fler produkter kommer inom kort att läggas till i E-butiken. Kontakta oss på order@scandiorthopedic.se för ytterligare information.

CCT bandage now in store

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Our new Cold Compression Therapy bandage is now available for order. This unique self-adhesing bandage can reduce pain and swelling for up to three hours without having to be pre-cooled. Can be used on pets as well as on humans. Find out more under the tab ”Rehab”.


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A Team Approach: from Diagnostics to Rehabilitation, Advanced Course. To provide an overview of diagnostics, treatment, and rehabilitation of orthopedic.

Focus group

Veterinarians interested in orthopedic injuries and treatment. Physiotherapists, veterinary nurses and others involved in rehabilitation and would like to enhance their knowledge base in the filed of rehabilitation of small animals.

Course content

  • Clinical gait analysis.
  • Roles of each team member to improve patient quality of life.
  • Evidence based rehabilitation.
  • Structure and function of soft tissue and muscles. Examples of acute and repetitive injuries and tissue healing timeframes.
  • Muscle, ligament and tendon injuries.
  • Case presentations of patients with various injuries/diseases with treatment, rehabilitation, and orthotic assistance applied according to tissue healing and general principles of rehabilitation.
  • Patient follow-up.
  • Content of the course will be presented in the form of lectures and workshops.
  • Course will be held in English.

More information:

A Team Approach: from Diagnostics to Rehabilitation, Advanced Course (pdf)