Head Orthosis, Grade 1

Surgi-Sox Ear Compression Bandage

Surgi-Sox Ear Compression Bandage is an alternative to traditional bandageing of head and ears. Surgi-Sox compression qualities hinder potential damages of the ear at headshakes. Also it offers a cover protection of wounds and incisions.  The bandage is simply attached to the ears.


  • Blood ear Othematorn
  • Total auditory meatus ablation (TECA)
  • After wound ression/sut ear flap
  • Wounds,  abrasions and incisions in or around the ears.
  • Less splashing after use of eardrops.

Head Orthosis, Grade 1

Swim Cap

Simma Snood Swim cap is manufactured of water-repellent materials, hindering water splash in the ears during water therapy. Dogs, swimming for fun, get more fun without getting irritated due to water splash. Use of Swim Cap can reduce repeated infections that can occur in connection with bathing. Also, it can be used for protection of the ears from liquid during routine dental or other oral activities.


  • Rehabilitation or fitness training in water
  • Swimming
  • Teeth cleaning
  • Surgery in the mouth
  • Shielding vs. sound sensitivity  – Grooming

Head/Neck Orthosis medium support, Grade 2

Provides medium support and pain reduction of the injured area while allowing some movement. For use after trauma and postoperatively. After splint or cast. Adjustable stabilization. Prevents re-injury.

Head/Neck Orthosis, Grade 3

Acute Collar for vertebral compression with sharp pain. Immobilizes the neck by use of a thermoplastic sheet. The product is easily adapted for each patient by the veterinarian at your clinic. This takes about 15 minutes.

Head/Neck Orthosis, Grade 4

Custom-made from cast. Used for instability, fractures and vertebral compression. Especially suitable for dogs with chronic problems and where surgery is not possible.