knee orthosis for dog

Stifle Orthosis med./lat. support, Grade 2

Stabilizes the knee after trauma, postoperatively and at changes of the knee joint. Neoprene orthosis, elastic straps, side-slip nylon strap. We have two versions, one postoperative and one conservative orthosis. Stabilizing straps can be attached to the postoperative model. Removing the straps allows a controlled rehabilitation.

  • Prevents re-injury
  • Joint position sense (Proprioception)
  • Reduces knee abnormalities
  • Post-operative – after patella fracture
  • Lat./med. support for collateral ligament injuries
  • Conservative treatment

Stifle Orthosis, Grade 4

Custom-made from cast. The purpose of the stifle orthosis is to prevent excessive internal and external rotation of the knee and provide medial and lateral support. Adjustable to the desired range of motion. Prevent ligament injuries by providing support and stability to the knee joint.

NOTE! Not recommended for meniscal injuries.

  • Ligament Injuries
  • Postoperative and long-term support
  • Extended Cranial Ligaments