ehmer sling

Hip, Grade 2

Vest with Ehmer Sling, Grade 2

Vest Ehmer sling, Grade 2 is a superior alternative to manually bandages on hip dislocations. Eliminates the risk of chafing (common in manual bandaging). Improves patient comfort and recovery. Easy to apply. Suitable for both hind legs.

  • Open or closed, resetting of craniodorsal coxofemoral (hip dislocation)
  • Post-operative treatment of acetabular, femoralhuvud- and neck and some femur fractures
  • Prevention of contractures after internal fixation of femoral fractures
  • Supracondylar or distal physealfrakturer in young dogs
  • Encouraging weight bearing in the contralateral extremity during rehabilitation / therapy
  • Prevent weight bearing on hind legs

Prefabricated orthotics in standard sizes. Dimensional forms and size calculation.


An instruction video for application of the orthosis can be found here:

Instruction video
rear leg hobble system

Hip, Grade 2

Hind leg Hobble System, Grade 2

Hind Hobble System, Grade 2 is an improved alternative to traditional Hobble bandage. It limits the abduction of the hind limbs and is easy to apply.

  • After open or closed resetting of the ventral höftledsluxationer
  • Postoperative treatment for certain pelvic fractures
  • Postoperative treatment for some tenuous femoral fractures

Prefabricated orthotics in standard sizes. Dimensional Forms and size calculation.