Orthotics information

Orthotics are excellent tools for treating a wide array of injuries, from light sprains to acute fractures. This treatment is not only less costly than many other alternatives, it is also highly beneficial in achieving rehabilitation. An orthosis can be used before or after an operation and can in some instances fully replace the need for an operation. Our unique four level treatment for leg injuries makes it possible to target specific types of injuries and provide a controlled rehabilitation.

Treatment in 4 levels



Our full range of orthotics includes:

  • Six variants of Carpal orthoses
  • Rigid dog shoe Carpal
  • Five variants of Carpal orthoses
  • Rigid dog shoe Tarsal
  • Knee orthoses
  • Stabilization system for Shoulder joint
  • Hobble system for hind legs
  • Elbow orthoses
  • Neck orthoses
  • Ear compression bandage and swim cap
  • Spine orthosis

There are even more variations of customized orthoses. When desired the orthosis can be rigid to begin with and then be opened up to allow for controlled mobility in the rehabilitation phase.

The properties of our orthotics

Our orthoses are made with biomechanics in mind. Grade 2,5 and Grade 3 are neoprene orthoses with thermoplastic sheets that after heating becomes shapeable. Grade 3 with Paw has a thermoplastic textile that after heating and shaping transforms into a cast. Grade 4 orthoses are customized and individually manufactured after the cast and the information provided of the patient.

The orthoses are designed to be functional, prophylactic and to facilitate rehabilitation.