tarsal orthosis for dog

Tarsal Orthosis Grade 1

Light and flexible stabilization for the tarsal joint, reduces pain and inflammation.

  • Protects against re-injury
  • Joint position sense-Proprioception
  • Reduces tarsal joint deviations and hyperflexion
tarsal orthosis for dog

Tarsal Orthosis Grade 2

Stabilizes the tarsal joint after trauma and postoperatively. Adaptable to various types of injuries. The degree of stabilization and the direction you want to stabilize the joint is adjustable. Post-op, minor sprains and similar. Provides lateral and medial support and prevents tarsal hyperextension. The orthosis uses an adjustable velcro stabilizing system.

  • Protects against re-injury
  • Joint position sense Proprioception
  • Reduces the tarsal joint deviations and hyperextension
  • Post-operatively
  • Minor sprains
tarsal orthosis for dog

Tarsal Orthosis Grade 3

Stabilizes the tarsal joint with extra stable support. Post-op and conservative treatment for medium to severe sprains and medium arthrosis. Provides rigid lateral and medial support and prevents tarsal joint movement. The orthosis uses a thermoplastic stabilizer system. By removing the thermoplastic sheet, you reduce the from grade 3 to grade 1. The orthosis comes with a waterproof and breathable cover made in ScandiTex.

  • Immobilizes the tarsal joint by using thermoplastic
  • Reduces tarsal joint deviations and hyperflexion
  • Post-operatively
  • Medium to severe sprains
  • Partial Achilles rupture
  • Post-operative

Tarsal with paw Orthosis Grade 3

Rigid orthosis that stabilizes the tarsal joint and the paw. The unique design with a thermoplastic fabric turns it into an immobilizing cast after heating, with the benefit of easy removal for skin control and for early rehabilitation. The orthosis is easy to shape and quick to apply. When increased flexibility is wanted the thermoplastic part of the orthosis can be removed, and the neoprene part can then be used together with the supplied stabilizing straps and extra sole as a grade 2 orthosis. It is also possible to cut off the thermoplastic paw part for stabilizing only the tarsal joint.

  • Immobilizes the tarsal joint and paw with thermoplastics
  • Post operative and conservative treatment of fractures, ligament and tendon injuries
  • Achilles injury
  • Replaces traditional cast treatment
rigid dog shoe

Tarsal Orthosis, Grade 4

Custom-made from a cast of the individual. It is designed according to your patient’s needs and can be adjusted and adapted to the desired level of movement with a stop band and/or motion limiter for controlled rehabilitation or as an extra insurance after delicate surgery. We can also adapt the orthosis for use 24 hours a day postoperatively.

  • Provides rigid external support
  • Can be used as part of rehabilitation after surgery. First rigid then flexible.
  • Long-term treatment for joint stability and prevention of contractures.
  • Partial ligament and tendon injuries
  • Fracture and/or wound treatment