We supply orthopedic means of assistance for animals with functional disabilities or orthopedic problems. As a start, we will mainly focus on dogs, but on long term basis, we will supply orthopedic technical assistance for most types of animals in cooperation with the veterinary clinics. We have a full cover orthopedic program of treatment in our cooperation with Blå Stjärnans Djursjukhus (The Blue Star Animals Hospital).

Quality of life

A better quality of life for animals with various types of functional disabilities or orthopedic problems, that is exactly our aim at Scandi Orthopedic. In fact, it means that we design and manufacture orthopedic products, offering functionally disabled animals a possibility of having a more free and more active life. With the full-cover product program, we can give our clients a complete orthopedic service.

Thanks to our unic competence, our high service ability and our new thinking, we will create increased values, even exceeding the immediate need of our clients. The degree of service is high and the decision-making processes are quick.  This is the atmosphere, in which the really good solutions will be created.

We have a great experience of working with orthopedic means of assistance for human beings and we cooperate only with well educated professions, such as  Authorized Orthopedic Engineers.


Our assistance  and our services will be more than a means of assistance. To fulfill what we promise and somewhat more, is, in our opinion a basic condition for achieving a good result, as is also to treat everyone equally and with respect. That is why we deal with our clients, customers and business partners in  a professional and engaged way.


We supply our clients and our customers with the service and the products that they require, by being sensitive to needs and desires. Finding the best solution requires not only a deep technical knowledge, but also a deep knowledge of the development happening if the areas of productss, materials, methods and technology.

We also have an extensive exchange of experience with a business partner, located in Canada, who has worked in this professinal area since 6 years. It will help us in delivering solutions, based on a thorough knowledge, great experience and an extensive and decisive new thinking.

Orthopedic Center

Our main partner of cooperation is “Blå Stjärnans Djursjukhus” (The Blue Star Animals Hospital) in Gothenburg. That is also where we are located, ourselves. We are a part of their Orthopedic Center, why we are able to supply a full-cover treatment program by cooperating in teams with Orthopaedists. Physiotherapists, Animal Paramedics,  Animal Keepers and Orthopedic Engineers. We perform lameness analyses and orthopedic treatments. On a daily basis, at least one orthopedic works in the operation/surgery ward and one in the outpatient department.