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Our new app Scandi Orthopedic 3D Scanner is now available for Iphone! 3D scanning replaces the need to make a cast for our Grade 4 orthoses. When the vet scans with our app we get an exact model of the body part within 3 minutes and can then begin designing a custom orthosis. Read more about the different orthotics under the tab Resource (logged in).

Medical Protection Cover

No more cone

The traditional collar limits the animals ability to move, eat and sleep comfortably. Our Medical Protection Covers give injured pets freedom of movement and relieves them of the burden of the traditional collar.

Comfortable and waterproof

Since the ScandiTex textile is waterproof no moisture will get through to the wound or bandage. Medical Protection Covers are made for comfort, with stretch properties and the seams on the outside instead of the inside.

24 / 7

The covers are made to be used around the clock. The pet can sleep with the cover and do its needs unhindered.

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Our motto is simple. We want to provide products of the highest possible quality in order to give our four-legged friends the highest possible quality of life.

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