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Shoes - measurements and sizes

Shoe Grade 2

A stabilizing dog shoe made in a water-repellant and durable material. Flexible and strong sole both under and over the paw. Unique fastening straps that keeps the shoe secure in place. Lower adjustable strap that relieves phalanges suffering from arthritis. Detachable and adjustable wrist strap. Easy to put on, easy to remove. A shoe that stays on. Comes in pairs of two.

  • For light to medium arthritis

Shoe Grade 4

Custom made orthosis designed from a 3D scan of the individual. Rigid orthosis that provides stability and offloads the metacarpal or metatarsal joint and phalanges. For postoperative or conservative use, at tendon/ligament injuries and fractures. The orthosis has a rolling sole underneath to get a nice and smooth roll-in step which relieves the phalanges.

  • Postoperative
  • Tendon and ligament injury
  • Severe arthritis
  • Luxation of phalanges
  • Paw pad corns
  • Fractures and wounds

Step 1 – Fill out the referral form:

Referral form

Step 2 – Do a 3D-scan.
Download our app Scandi Orthopedic 3D scanner from App Store here. The app is compatible with newer models of Iphone. Contact us for an access key. Our Scandiop 360° scanning jig is useful for accurate scans.

Important! The joints must be in a natural loading position, with the exception of flexon tendon injury when the joints must be in an offloading angle. For small or sedated dogs the best way can sometimes be to have the animal lie on a table, push out the leg, set the joint angulation with VetWrap, and scan free-hand in a vertical circle (see movie below). Scans that do not comply with these guidelines cannot be used for orthosis design.

Scanning Paw normal / big dog
Scanning small dog

It is still possible to send us a cast. If you want to make a cast, follow our instructions for casting.

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