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Vest with Ehmer Sling

Superior alternative to manual bandaging at hip luxations. Eliminates chafing (common in manual bandaging). Improves the comfort and recovery of the patient. Easy to apply. Fits both hind legs. The products are machine washable and reusable for multiple patients. Rehabilitation / Therapy can easily be carried out throughout the recovery.

  • Open or closed reducion of craniodorsal coxofemoral (hip luxations)
  • Post-operative treatment of acetabular, femoral head- and neck and some femur fractures
  • Prevention of contractures after internal fixation of femoral fractures
  • Supracondylar or distal physeal fractures in young dogs
  • Encouraging weight bearing in the contralateral limb during rehabilitation / therapy
  • Preventing weight-bearing hind limb

Hind leg Hobble System

Rear leg Hobble system is an improved alternative to traditional Hobble bandage. It limits the abduction of the hind limbs and is easy to apply. Machine-washable and reusable.

  • After open or closed reduction of ventral hip luxation
  • Postoperative treatment for some pelvic fractures
  • Post-operative treatment for some tenuous femoral fractures
  • Swimmer puppy syndrome
  • Controlled rehab / therapy for animals with neurological dysfunction and / or muscular weakness
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