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Scandi Orthopedic 3D Scanner

With our new app Scandi Orthopedic 3D Scanner for Iphone the vet no longer has to send a physical cast of the body part to get a Grade 4 orthotic made by us. The app can scan paw, tarsal, carpal, knee and neck. The scanned body part is uploaded to us within 2 minutes, after which we can begin modelling and designing the orthosis.

The app is compatible with Iphone 11 and newer, and Ipad Pro. Utilizing the front camera the body part is scanned on a radius of 30 cm. Scanning is done either free-hand or with the phone mounted on our new scanning rig for carpal / tarsal / paw. Contact us at info@scandiop.se to get an access key to the app.

Quick guide for scanning

Once you have downloaded the app and is about to use it, it is important that you follow our guidelines to achieve quality scans that we can use. We also recommend you participate in one of our cost-free 3D scanning courses. Here are some of the most important factors in achieving a good scan:

You only need to fill in the patient information requested by the app once. For the second and third scans, select the RECALL option, which will fill in the same information you entered for the first scan.

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